Thank You!

Because of your generosity, we were able to complete nearly the entire project from only your gifts! And by taking a small amount from our savings, we have been able to stay true to our promise to complete this quarter of a million dollar project 100% debt-free!

God has blessed us immensely because of your devotion and generosity, and we are so proud to be a part of the Resonance Family with you! We can't wait to see how God uses our new space to continue helping more people experience the difference Jesus makes and make a difference in his name.

How did our space change?

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What is This Is NEXT?

This Is NEXT was a campaign that allowed us to expand and renovate our current building, allowing us to double in size. This allows us to reach more people in less services at more optimal times by doing the following:

  • Double our Auditorium
  • Double our resKids Area
  • Update our space
  • Expand our on-site parking
  • Add two additional multi-person restrooms
  • Widen the hallway by our Auditorium, creating more space for everyone

Grand Re-opening on December 23!

Join us for our Grand Re-opening this Christmas on December 23! Our FULL new space will be open, including our newly expanded resKids area!

Get free tickets (so we can make sure not to overfill any services) at


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When will the expansion be complete?

We have finished our main room and will have "family services" while the work is being completed in the resKids area.

Our Grand Re-opening is scheduled for Christmas Sunday, December 23!

Why spend money on this rather than add more service times?

Our current capacity per service is about 225 people. Therefore, with 3 services, our limit is about 675 people before adding a fourth service. We have recently been averaging over 600 people! This is amazing, but that means the days are numbered in our current situation. If we do not expand in our space, we would be forced to add additional services outside of an optimal Sunday morning time slot.

Because people are less likely to attend any time outside of Sunday morning, adding any service outside these times will take more work (volunteers and staff) to reach less people per service (think "bricks without straw!"). Therefore after much deliberation by our Leadership, we do not see this as the best option.

In contrast, by expanding our space, our capacity should be about 500 people per service. Therefore, we can transition back to two services initially, allowing us to reach about 1,000 people before necessitating a third service again. Once we grow to that point, we can transition back to three services and reach nearly 1,500 people all in optimal Sunday morning time slots! In addition to reaching many more people during this time, this would be much less stress on staff and volunteers. Also, by the time we grow into this renovated space, we will be ready to take our next step as a church.

What about buying land and building from scratch?

We believe this is where God may be leading us long term. However, we are not financially ready to take that large of a step. Land alone in our area would currently cost between $250,000-500,000, plus an additional $2-5 million for a building large enough for our growth. Therefore, we believe that an intermediate step is needed to allow for growth until we are financially ready to take on that type of project.

“This Is NEXT” will allow us to grow to a church of over 1,500 people at 3 services, at which point we should be financially prepared to take a more substantial next step such as buying land and building new or whatever else God may have in store!

How will we park additional people?

Great question! We have identified several more areas around the building where we can park additional cars, including some neighboring businesses who are willing to let us to use their lots on Sundays as overflow parking. We estimate these additional spaces will allow us to approximately double our current number of spaces.

Modifications for the additional parking spots should be complete in June or July.

In addition, we have developed a Parking Team to focus on this very important area each week and help direct everyone who visits Resonance. If you are interested in becoming part of this exciting team, let us know!

Are my gifts tax-deductible?

Resonance Church is a registered 501(c)(3) organization. Gifts to This is NEXT are handled in the same manner as other contributions to Resonance Church. You will be provided a giving statement at the end of the year.

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